Ukraine – A Time to Help! C4C aid truck is soon on its way!



Just when we all thought that after Covid things just couldn´t get any worse, here comes a war in the heart of Europe!  And, as a consequence, hundreds of thousands (soon perhaps millions) of refugees are fleeing the horrors of war.

“The situation is beyond dire,” says C4C founder Manfred Franke, “we simply had to act!”

Many of the most needed items, like warm clothing for adults and children, were already available in C4C´s storage facilities. Even though earmarked for orphans and the elderly here in the Czech Republic, via C4C´s Robin Hood initiative, the decision was made to release them to aid refugees arriving in ice cold weather at the camps prepared at the Polish border.

“What would Robin Hood have done in a situation like this,” smiles Rafal Wojas, co-founder of Chance 4 Children. “I´m sure he´d have saddled his horse and dashed to the border to help out there. So, that´s what we´re going to do!”

Good friends and supporters joined in no time: a truck was pledged by Karel Kopecky of Iveco/Fiat Strojservis, a faithful supporter of C4C for over 20 years; Tomas Pelicek of multi-national giant S.C. Johnson, when we asked for assistance with hygiene and disinfectant supplies, just replied “you can count on us!” We´re spreading the word to many of our friends and supporters to contribute as well.

If you are reading this and you want to pitch in too, please contact us under Below you´ll find a description of goods urgently needed. If you rather make a donation toward our efforts and this trip in particular, please click here.

Thank you for caring!


Goods needed:

medical supplies: bandages, disinfectants, gloves, thermopholias, analgesics, plasters

hygiene supplies: toothbrushes and toothpaste, toilet paper, soaps, hand sanitizer, feminine hygiene supplies

for babies: nappies, wet wipes, baby milk, baby food (snacks)

food: muesli bars, protein bars, grape sugar, chocolate, bottled water (please do not bring other food)

other goods: batteries, chargers, power banks (charged)- sleeping bags, blankets, mattresses- mobile phones (charged, working, simcard)- lights (torches, flashlights, headlamps)

warm clothes


Author: Manfred Franke