Will the next Paganini please stand up? 120 Guitars for C4C!


Or will it rather be the next Eric Clapton or Carlos Santana? Music talent is someting that is rife and not in short supply at many orphanages throughout the country. It lays dormant inside many of the children, just waiting to be awakened, kindled and nurtured to finally break out in a burst of creativity. Problem is, there wasn’t hardly anyone to teach these youngsters so eager to profile themselves in something.

Well, all that has changed. Chance 4 Children (C4C) is proud to announce that within the framework of its SPRINGBOARD TO LIFE (STL) program, music lessons for orphans will be, effective immediately, part of the curriculum. With the kind assistance of HDT Impex of Karlovy Vary, who offered us a super price for the 120 instruments, the program got underway in mid-February.

Michael Nemecek of popular rock group “Pumpa“, a well known musician with 30 years of stage experience, is set to become C4C’s first music teacher. Michael, father of two children with musical inclinations himself, is keen to impart his knowledge to his new constituency. “Music has always been, besides my family, the big love of my life. It gave wings to my feelings and meaning to my life. Through music I learned to overcome problems and channel my feelings into positive energy,“ says Michal. “I hope it will do all that and more for the children I teach!“