With a little help from a (old) friend – everything is possible! S.J.Johnson lends a helping hand by donating household cleaning products for orphanages



Two old friends, S.C. Johnson and C4C, were able to make several children’s homes and one home for the elderly happy again – thanks to a gift of household cleaning supplies from the leading household goods manufacturer.

We contacted a total of 20 institutions and six children’s homes, as well as the Klokánek Hostivice and the Dobřichovice Home for the Elderly, responded,” says Zuzana Šrámková, the coordinator of C4C‘s Robin Hood program, responsible for humanitarian aid. „S.C. Johnson, admirably, handled all logistics and deliveries on their own – a big help to us! Everything went very smoothly, I’m very happy about the communications with the company. It was a great and very appreciated help.

And not only Zuzana is happy:

“I really like trying new scents,” commented one of the social workers in a home for the elderly in Dobřichovice. “I want our home to smell nicely.”

“Thank you very much for such practical and necessary things!” wrote us Elena Demiánová, director of the children’s home in Kralupy nad Vltavou.

We received a thank you email also from Klokánek Hostivice: “The aid was delivered on Thursday and thank you very much for the huge amount of cleaning supplies, we are very grateful for such great help!” wrote Hanka Lengenyová.

Children’s homes in Žatec, Klánovice, Pilsen, Dubá Deštná and Unhošť also expressed their gratefulness to the S.C. Johnson company. It was a very welcomed help everywhere, especially at this time of increased hygiene measures, and we at C4C thank the SCJ company for being able to help where it was needed.


Author: Zuzana Šrámková