Doors to future careers: ESA logistika a.s. welcomes students from the Unhošt’ children´s home



The opportunity to look “under the hood” of a possible future employer is always very beneficial for children from children’s homes. However, such opportunities and a closer look at inner working processes of companies are not easily found – and firms usually don´t go out of their way to offer them. There are exceptions, though, and ESA logistika a.s. in Kladno, a company C4C has been closely cooperating with, is one of them.

On Sunday 26 April, boys from the children’s home in Unhošť visited its premises. At school they are preparing for a career as car mechanics, so they welcomed the opportunity to see what such a job looks like “for real”, as ESA is a large logistics company with a huge car and truck park. When it comes to cars, there’s a little boy in every guy – which made the young students all the more excited to get under the skin of the big trucks and ask all the questions they wanted to know.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the boys  expertise, interest and enthusiasm, which became apparent when they started asking detailed questions,” an ESA staff member commented.

The tour, which was originally scheduled to last one hour, quickly stretched to a full two hours. The boys saw what their future job might look like, and who knows – maybe one day they will return in a completely new role – and they will be the ones to guide boys from children´s homes and show them the way their future might look like

Children from the children’s home in Dolní Počernice will also get a similar opportunity – to visit the company’s warehouse in Jažlovice.

And from us at C4C, we again send a BIG THANK YOU to ESA logistika for their unwavering help and support of our cause! The company management and staff assist us in many different ways – from free warehouse space to deliveries, employee contributions, discount fuel and in many other areas. We really, really appreciate it all, seriously!

In this case, though, special thanks go your way for taking the time –to motivate and encourage boys from children´s homes in their chosen field of study by giving them a glimpse behind the curtains of a large company.


Author: Zuzana Šrámková