From Jungle to Golf Course: Husqvarna Donates Lawn Tractor for C4C football field!



If you’ve ever visited C4C’s offices and volunteer center near Kladno, you probably couldn’t help but notice the large grassy knoll in front of our office building. Come summer, it has served during breaks as a football/sports field for our wildly-willing resident volunteers and staff alike. Maintaining it, though, has been a mixed bag in the past, as we had only a small push lawn mower available and it’s been a back-breaking task to cut this big piece of lawn back to size – oftentimes once a week! Consequently, at times, the field has turned into a jungle which rendered it in return unusable for our volunteers and their sports activities.

Well, things have changed! Our field went from jungle to easily maintained golf course literally overnight with the arrival of C4C’s brand new lawn tractor. Kindly donated for a token price only by market leader Husqvarna, grass cutting has become a fun activity in itself for our folks here.

“What used to be sheer agony, with anyone hardly ever volunteering for the task, has turned into something people are actually looking forward to doing”, smiles Jeremy Schlamm, who oversees the maintenance department at the C4C center – “everyone enjoys driving the tractor”!

So, we would like to use this occasion to express a hearty “Thank You” to the kind folks from Husqvarna, who’s  generosity has helped the C4C volunteers and visiting children to enjoy their favorite summer sport: kicking and chasing the football around our large field!