Team meeting C4C 2021! It took a whole year before we could reunite!



It’s not that we haven’t seen each other in between, but due to restrictions and the overall situation, it has been difficult to organize a meeting where everyone is present: project leaders, clowns, teachers, mentors and the Chance 4 Children management.

Our partner of many years, the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, once again allowed us to meet in their premises – and they treated us royally! Thank you very much! 😊

Traditionally, our meetings have a common part, during which we inform each other about what has happened in the past period, what has been accomplished, and what amazing stories we have become part of. We need it so much! To keep our hearts burning – because without them we can’t do our work.

Then, each group had time for activities appropriate to its focus:

The clowns continued their education. Their activities, games and training have been oriented toward their often delicate tasks: to perceive the environment in which they work, to improvise and be able to react flexibly to specific people and their conditions and to adhere to best, proven practices in specific situations. These are important skills and our trainers practiced this with the clowns through interesting activities.

Teachers and mentors worked together, especially on C4C’s new project called Helpmate, but also left some time for sharing experiences.

We all enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere of safety, sharing, joy and belonging. We met some new people and gained knowledge, motivation and joy for our future work. It was wonderful to meet up after all this time (see the pictures below) and we look forward to seeing you next time!

We are simply having a good time together.



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