Who´s Knocking on the Window of Thomayer Hospital?



Lockdown can´t keep C4C´s Dr. Clown team from delivering smiles!

Parents and children alike where surprised when out of the blue somebody loudly knocked at the window of the children´s ward of Thomayer Hospital in Prague last week.

Mom, these are the clowns coming to visit us,” exclaimed one of the little patients.

Behind the window two clowns were waving at them. You could literally feel that they were smiling broadly behind their face masks… The proverbial “hospital blues”, prevailing during these days of isolation in children´s wards of hospitals across the country, was immediately replaced with laughter,  joy and expressions of amazement.

Through the cracked window the kids were able to participate in the performance presented by Dr Clown team members Dr. Čučululek and Dr. Bubobubo. They enjoyed the magic tricks, funny skits and balloon animals made for them and it was soon forgotten that they were in a hospital.

“It´s always a pleasure for us to administer our trademark Smile Therapy and bring joy and laughter to children in hospitals”, smiles C4C´s co-founder Rafal Wojas, who´s been a professional hospital clown for over 30 years. “Presently, under the circumstances, we have to think a bit out of the box to be able to reach our little patients,” he continues with the hint of a grin.  😉 The lockdown prevents the clowns from entering most hospitals.

But hard times are the mother of all inventions and C4C´s Dr. Clown team has found hilarious ways to spread love and happiness despite the restrictions. They even performed on platforms of construction cranes – check it here!

“Like applause for the performing artists – smiles, laughter and happiness are our rewards,” says Rafal. “We are already looking forward to the next visits.”  Who knows, next they maybe climbing up on ropes?

Like all of C4C´s services, our clown visits to hospitals are free of charge and supported by YOU! Please consider becoming a “Friend of Dr. Clown and Chance 4 Children” by clicking here. Your support is much needed and appreciated to continue our work.

Thank you!

Team C4C

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Author: Manfred Franke