Spreading smiles!

When it comes to praise, it’s a safe road to take not to heap it upon oneself – much better to let others do it! Here’s the response from the staff of the Pisek hospital to a recent visit from one of our Dr. Klaun teams. On Thursday, April 25, 2024, a lovely couple visited our


…or what’s important in a child’s education?! C4C’s new ecological education initiative! Remember when your mom and dad took you out to the forest and explained you about plants and animals and other simple truths? When you learned about nature? Even though the staff in children’s home is doing their best to teach children in

The Making of a Clown!

Or, what it takes to become a hospital clown. Most folks, when thinking of a clown, routinely imagine a circus clown, wearing heavy make-up, oversized shoes and a grotesque outfit. The harlequin! Or, a rather dark, bloodstained “Joker”. But hospital clowns actually have very little in common with these stereotypes. Hospital clowns are dedicated and

Sarka’s Magic Wand

Let C4C’s IT teacher, Sarka, whisk you away into her magical world of mouse clicks, the magic of 3D printers and the excitement of sailing through Internet waters. C4C’s Springboard to Life program aims to help orphaned children find their place in life. My little IT wizards Author: Sarka Paletarova Every time I walk into

It’s that time o’year again…

…for the C4C team to get together and enjoy a day of sharing, workshops and fun! The by now familiar venue, the prestigious Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, opened their doors wide again to welcome the C4C team, replete with snacks, drinks and a sumptuous dinner at the end – as always, on a complimentary basis

C4C and Copy General’s Christmas celebration in Unhost senior home:

Looking back on 20+ years of cooperation, bringing hope and joy to children and elders alike. In the spirit of giving and fostering a sense of community, Copy General and C4C, with the help of the children from Children’s Home  Unhošt, have joined forces in a heartwarming Christmas event, tailored specifically for the elderly in

Coaching with THE COACH!

C4C recently had the immense honour to host renowned coach PhDr. Marian Jelinek Ph.D. to address and inspire our annual gathering of directors and educators from Children’s Homes, cooperating with C4C’s HelpMate initiative, at the luxurious Corinthia Hotel Prague. Passionate speaker, best-selling author, motivator, mentor and coach of distinction, Marian first came to fame coaching

Meet Marketa Franke, wife of C4C founder, Manfred Franke

  Markéta is a woman, who inspires us in C4C in many ways. See her story as told by Ženy s.r.o. website: Help is never enough, and more so when it comes to small or defenseless children. 22 years ago, an association was established, which has so far managed to raise more than 850 million

C4C’s Expedition Octopus!

09.08.2018 15 children, cancer survivors and orphans, sailing the waves of hope on the Nave Italia, the largest brigantine sailing ship in the world – and exporting Dr. Clown’s “Laughter Therapy” to children’s cancer ward at Genoa’s Gaslini Hospital! “We could only accommodate 15 children on this trip, I wish I had an ocean liner