Chance 4 Children team meeting with directors of children’s homes

  Author: Zuzana Šrámková   As some of you already know, we regularly have team meetings with our clowns, mentors and teachers, but on October 6, 2022, we held our first ever meeting with the directors of children’s homes! (Imagine the fanfare here 😊) We invited our distinguished guests to the Corinthia Hotel in Prague,

Craft and Creation Day for the Laughter Therapy

  Author: Martina Vaculíková   On Saturday 24.9.2022, we met for the second year at the Doksy Nature Theatre to enjoy a day of crafts and creativity while supporting Dr. Klaun’s Laughter Therapy. The voluntary entrance fee landed directly into C4C´s charity box, which was handed over to the chairwoman of the Chance 4 Children

It is said, that the most beautiful view of the world is from the back of a horse. So we invited the children from the children’s home in Ledce how it looks like from there…

  Author: Zuzana Šrámková   It’s been almost a year since we wrote about the experiences of one of our teachers, Janička Štěrbová, who regularly visits children in orphanages  as part of C4C´s Springboard to Life program. Jana owns a farm near Zvíkovské podhradí, near Pisek – a fair distance from Prague. And …. Jana

Kladno City Days – thank you for meeting us!

  Author: Martina Vaculíková   On the weekend of 10. – 11.9.2022 we had the opportunity to meet at Sletiště during the Kladno City Days. C4C and Dr. Klaun have their headquarters in Kladno and we think it is important to commemorate it in a “patriotic” way. Our Dr. Klaun team has been helping in

Robin Hood in 2021: It´s been a good year for dear Robin – his team handed over material aid exceeding CZK 17.4 million to 37 children’s homes and other foster care institutions

  Author: Zuzana Šrámková, coordinator of the C4C´s Robin Hood program The usual time to take stock is the beginning of the New Year, but while the children are still at school, the summer months are the quietest part of the calendar year, and this year I have only just managed to look back to

Palliative care: Smile Therapy at a ward from which few return home…

  For some time now, Dr. Klaun brings smiles and laughter even to places where there is actually little to smile about: palliative care wards, where patients know that there is little chance they´ll ever return home again. Author: Martina Pupcsikova For many people, in general, the topic of palliative care and serious illness is

The girl from the diagnostic ward

  A report from Martina Pupcsiková, C4C core team member. I visit children in hospitals and orphanages with art activities and my book reading project Fairy Tales to Doodle by. The children respond extremely well, they relax, talk and open up their lives While there with them, I listen to many of the children´s stories