QUESTION: What does it take to make every hospitalized child in Slovakia happy? ANSWER: 13 full pallets of LEGO toys!



Dr. Clown team distributes LEGO toys for thousands of hospitalized children to 47 Slovak hospitals and clinics.

It’s no secret, hospital stays can be taxing and unnerving for the toughest of us. However, for children they can be outright traumatic and frightening. And that is why it’s C4C’s Dr. Clown’s team declared goal to help hospitalized children battle what they came to term: “The Hospital Blues”!

Working in tandem with one of the largest and most loved toy manufacturers on the planet, the team recently set out on another ambitious project: to supply all children wards in Slovak hospitals with enough LEGO sets for resident children to play with throughout the year. Admittedly, the logistics seemed daunting. However, now enter DHL into the picture, one of the biggest international freight forwarders and logistic experts – and the project begins to take shape.

“We are grateful that market leaders such as LEGO and DHL, have joined forces with Dr. Clown to bring happiness, joy and plain fun into the world of hospitalized children”, says Rafal Wojas, C4C co-founder and project manager of Dr. Clown. “Thanks to the support of these two industry giants we can say with full confidence now that, together, we have won the fight against hospital boredom in Slovakia”, he smiles.

During the months of February and March DHL and the C4C team managed to distribute 13 pallets of the much thought-after toys to 47 hospitals in Slovakia – with a Fair Market Value (FMV) exceeding 1 million CZK.

March was for our little patients a happy month”, comments Zuzana Chomicova, representative of Svet Zdravia hospitals, in a letter send to C4C.

All our children’s wards received boxes full of LEGOs from the Dr. Clown initiative. They will really help the children to speedily recover from their health problems, because, as we know, a friendly and playful environment, full of laughter & joy, helps in many cases more than medicine”, Zuzana concludes.

We couldn’t agree more!

A big thank you goes to LEGO & DHL, but also to all of our sponsors, partners and friends who helped to make this project possible! Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of thousands of children in need and at risk!